Monday, march 2, 2015


In the 90s, an entire generation of American teenagers celebrated the arrival of Punk and the new wave of artistic creation and the lifestyle which came along with it: skateboarding, graffiti, photography, hip hop and hardcore music. Internationally acclaimed artists Warhol, Futura, Chalfant, Crumb are responsible for inspiring this artistic revolution.
When individuals such as Harmony Korine, Barry McGee, Steve Powers, Kaws, Ryan McGinley, Ed Templeton and the dead Margaret Killgallen began documenting their extraordinary lives, the public named them experts in the field of creating “something from nothing”. It’s no surprise indeed, that the aforementioned names are also the most appraised and in vogue  artists of the contemporary art market. A collaboration between Miuccia Prada and  Barry Mc Gee led to the exhibition and publishing of some of his work at the Prada Foundation. A gifted generation, with hubs in both New York and California, witnessed and gave rise to a new art form which is a mix between Hip Hop and Punk, Graffiti meets easel painting. Partly inspired by the cultural DIY - DoItYourself-  phenomenon, this radical transformation of artistic motivation and working methods has resulted in the revival of street art , tattoos , street photography and documentary making, revolutionizing both the creation and reception of mainstream art forever.

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