Monday, november 4, 2013

The Burningman Experience

Burning Man is an annual 7 day art festival and temporary community in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada held on the last week of August. Based on radical self-expression and self-reliance, this apocalyptical city gives you the freedom to create your own personal reality in this odyssey of survival.

An aerial view of Burningman. with over 60,000 people in attendance this year, Burningman in the fifth largest city in Nevada.


The effigy aka the man is burned on the Saturday night of the festival. 




10 principals were created to embody the core values
Radical inclusion: Everyone and anyone is embraced and welcomed
Gifting: Instead of cash or the barter system, everyone participates in the gift economy. No cash transactions are permitted between BM and the attendees, but you can be part of the communal endeavor interacting with group activities and social events which benefits various community groups, charities and veteran participants By the exchange of gifts, it creates involvement in the lives of those around us and forges an immediate and emotional bond. Community can only begin when a part of the self is given away. 
Decommodification: No commercial sponsorship, transactions or advertising is allowed.  Any corporate advertising or promotional paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.
Radical self-reliance: You are encouraged and expected to rely on your own resources. The only thing provided for you are porta potties, and the purchase of ice, and/or coffee. Use this as an opportunity to utilize your survival skills. 
Radical self-expression: Express yourself in whatever way inspires you to showcase your ideas. Find potential collaborators that interest you and come prepared to contribute some unique part of yourself to the shared experience. 
Communal Effort: Help thy neighbor. Most of this temporary community is based on the collective efforts of hundreds of volunteers, so pitch in, produce., collaborate, promote, create, and communicate. We each have different abilities, and by contrast when we unite as a community, we strengthen that society. 
Civic responsibility: assume responsibility for conducting yourself, and your events in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Don't forget public welfare and community well being. 
Leaving No Trace— pack it in, pack it out and leave NO TRACE! The Burningman community is committed to leaving any place they dwell in a better state than when they found it in. Disappearing is part of the art. 
Participation: Participate, don't spectate or stagnate. The entire infrastructure is based on participation creating an environment that functions as a home for everyone. Free expression thrives. Get involved, get people involved, interact, play, have fun. 
Immediacy: Be present, don't be a bystander, be an active participant. This event is not a spectator sport. Find the sacred in the ordinary and the mystical in the mundane. Don't let any moment pass you by.

The People

Art Installations
The Playa is the perfect canvas to create your visionary piece.

artist: Marco Cocchrane photo: Ben Canales

Burningman after dark introduces you to an adult playground. Cooler temperatures, pyrotechnic shows, live performances, fire dancers, DJ's, party buses, is just the beginning of this epic week long adventure.

Mark Peterson

Mutant Vehicles 
Burningman a foot and bike friendly event established the mutant vehicle movement to allow artist to showcase their mobile art. 

Scott London

Daily life
Canter Camp Cafe
George Post

The hammock hangout karaoke lounge

Party at the Pickle Joint

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