Friday, august 31, 2012


Jiro Ono, 85 years old, sushi maker.
Jiro owns a little sushi place in Tokyo: a presentation that create the fallacious impression of going into an ordinary life.  Jiro’s is indeed the only Japanese restaurant to have been awarded with three Michelin Guide stars. An astonishing result for this no- frills, 10 places sitting  restaurant just outside Roppongi Tokyo Metro station where luxury complements are missing.
How has this nook become the most famous restaurant in Japan?
To Jiro, Sushi is a vocation : despite his age, every day he wakes up at 4 a. m. to select and get the best fresh fish from the Tokyo Fish Market. “It’s my daily challenge, a continuing quest to perfect the art of sushi”. It’s a  mission that Jiro shares with his son – Takashi – who follows  in his father footsteps.
Jiro believes to be still far away from reaching the desired perfection,  but he is sure that the true passion and dedication he always put into his work is the secret for his lasting success.
Jiro magically shapes traditional sushi  into  unique artistic creations to the point that he has been recognized by the Japanese government as a living national treasure for his contributions to Japanese cuisine.
Jiro’s talent, passion and devotion inspired the Newyorkese director David Gelb for  his documentary film“ Jiro dreams of Sushi”  that tells the story of this extraordinary sushi master.
We don’t know if “ Jiro dreams of Sushi” will be on the Italian screens at a future time, but  we decided to post here below the link to the trailer and we encourage you are around Tokyo to please your palate at “Sukiyabashi Jiro” すきやばし次郎 in Rappongi Hills, you won’t regret it!

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